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ISSN: 0974-892X

January, 2009




(From the January 2009 issue)


Guest Articles


Shrawan Kumar Sharma

Indian Ways and Traditions: Towards a Model of Feminism


Literary Articles & Research Papers


S. K. Agrawal

Indian Tribal: From Poetics of Co-Existence to Politics of Development


Beena Agarwal

Mahesh Dattani’s Seven Steps Around the Fire: Acknowledging the Marginality of Eunuchs


Lata Mishra                                                                            

Indian Masculinity and its Cultural Context: A Study of The God of Small Things


Lucky Gupta

Breaking the Myth; A Postcolonial Reading of Vijay Tendulkar’s Kanyadaan


Alpana Gupta

Telugu Dalit Poetry as an Expression of Socio-Politico Historical Change 


Seema Parashar

The Marginal Sections of Society in the Fiction of Henry James